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Hazardous Cargo

At IGS, we prepare your dangerous goods shipment for packaging in accordance with all applicable regulatory agency rules. We can package all type of cargo for whatever transportation means is required, whether by air, ocean, truck or rail. We will provide the necessary marking and labels, ensuring that your shipment is clearly and correctly identified and will be accepted by all air, ocean, rail and road carriers. IGS provides all the necessary documentation as required by carriers and the various regulatory agencies.

  Whether your product is:
  Explosive Material
  Corrosive Liquid
  Any other extreme hazard
Or a Household Items such as:    

Getting it from one place to another is no easy task. Because of the strict regulatory requirements and the ever-present challenges associated with these volatile products, few firms even offer packaging services for hazardous materials, and fewer still have the expertise necessary to handle these special-care jobs efficiently.

Choosing the Right.... for Your Needs

When determining the correct V-Pack size, every shipper must know:

  • The UN number of the substance/item being shipped
  • The amount of the substance/item being shipped
  • The physical dimensions and weight of the inner packaging in which the substance/item will be shipped
While the shipper is responsible for selecting the correct package, we can recommend choices according to your supplied information as prescribed by the appropriate regulations. Please refer to DOT Title 49 CFR, ICAO/IATA and IMDG Code regulations to determine authorization for use.
Deciphering the Designation
Certifies complience within prescribed UN regulations
4 Box
G Fiberboard
V Indicates variable inner-container material and configuration
X Packaging group assignment
6.5 Gross weight (kg) for which the box was tested
Required Package Certification Markings:
  1. Notification of shipper's responsibility to ensure packaging is used in accordance with applicable shipping regulations.
  2. Orientation arrows indicating package top or upright shipping position
  3. UN package specification.
    Example: 4GV/X13/S/96/USA/+AQ0932
    tested for Packing Group I, 13kg gross weight, tested for solids or inner packaging, manufactured in 1996, manufactured in USA and testing lab identification number +AQ0932